Most Visited Natural Parks In Kiama

Kiama harbour

Kiama offers many wonderful attractions to see and exciting activities for tourists. Found within its area are green rolling hills, accommodating hotels, pristine beaches, and charming natural parks. With its short distance away from Sydney, it is a must to be visited place in Australia. Natural parks in Kiama, display the unspoilt setting of Australia’s natural beauty. So, if you want to further enjoy your travel in Kiama, visit the natural parks and reserves that the city holds.

Killalea State Park

One of the favorite tourists destination in Kiama is the Killalea State Park. It is a 265-hectare park that offers many exciting activities to engage in and impressive sights to see. Among those activities and attractions to see are the following;

• Swimming
• Boating
• Camping
• Surfing
• Offshore fishing / Estuary fishing
• Trail hiking
• Having a scenic walk
• Picnic

As one of the widely known natural park in Kiama, there are modern facilities to enjoy in the park. One of the areas that it boasts is the massive rainforest. In the whole region, the rainforest serves as habitat for the rich fauna life. Additional is the stunning coastline and the wetlands. For those travelers who want to stay overnight and do camping, there are 53 unpowered sites in Killalea State Park reserve suitable for tents and bunkhouse.

Barren Grounds Nature Reserve

Sprawling an area of 1,750 hectares and widely referred as the hanging swamp, Barren Gounds reserve is one of the must to visit park in Kiama. It is an ideal place for trekking or trail walking. One of the best places for trail walking is the 8 kilometer Griffiths Trail. As you walk, there are varieties of habitats that you can explore. The below is necessary information about the park.

• Jamberoo Mountain Road is the way to go to Barren Grounds Nature Reserve.
• Approximately, it is 19 kilometers away from Kiama.
• It is known as bird watcher’s paradise.
• Picnic facilities are available inside the park.

Budderoo National Park

Covering 7,120 hectares is the national Park, widely known as the Budderoo National Park. It is situated favorably in Minnamurra Rainforest Centre. This widely acknowledged tourist destination has received numerous tourism awards. Travelers can explore the area via paved boardwalks. With these they can get close to the rainforest environment that it features. Other eye-catching view in the park is the Minnamura Falls. Provided in the park are some facilities such as Picnic spots, Kiosk, BBQ areas, Disable facilities, and well maintained toilets.

Having picnic at Carrington Falls is also a good option. It provides nice picnic areas perfect for relaxing and mesmerizing. Other good option is visiting the Nellis Glen. It is perfect place for swimming.

Aside from Blowhole, those three mentioned natural parks are the most popular and visited attraction in Kiama. But take note of this, Kiama is far worth more than its natural parks. It offers a vast selection of accommodating hotels for reasonable price and superb restaurants that offers delicious foods.


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