Beach Chic Wedding Attire For Men

The special day you and your bride-to-be have planned for is finally drawing near. You’ve chosen a beautiful beach setting for your wedding ceremony and look forward to the warm sun and sounds of waves lapping at the shore. This guide will take the confusion out of dressing in beach chic attire for your wedding day, allowing you to look trendy and handsome, while feeling cool, comfortable and confident as your bride walks down the aisle.

Tips for Choosing a Beach Chic Wedding Outfit

  • Start with the Fabric. For a beach wedding, where you’ll be spending at least part of your ceremony and reception outdoors, avoid synthetic fibers that don’t allow your skin to breathe. Choose linen, cotton or raw silk to allow the air to flow through the fabric and keep you comfortable while looking your best.

  • Sleeve Length. Whether or not you opt for short or long sleeves is up to you. A natural fiber, such as cotton or linen, will continue to keep you cool with long sleeves. Consider sun exposure to determine if more coverage would be better to avoid getting sunburn on your wedding day.

  • Shirt Style. Depending upon the level of formality, you can choose to wear a linen or cotton button down shirt, such as a stylish Guayabera shirt. A trendy pullover-style linen shirt can also look stylish when paired with white cotton or linen pants.

  • Footwear. Leave your dress shoes at home, or stash them away for the reception. Beach chic footwear includes sandals, loafers or no shoes at all. Any of these options will provide you with more comfort and stability while walking through the sand, and they’ll keep your feet cool and comfortable.

  • Accessories. The accessories you choose for your beach chic wedding attire are like the icing on the cake. Complete your outfit with a stylish shell necklace or something made out of a natural fiber, such as hemp. A straw fedora will keep the sun out of your eyes and kick up the trendiness factor of your wedding attire.

  • Choosing Colors. White and tan are popular colors for men’s beach wedding attire, but you can also choose from other earth tones. Capitalize on the natural colors around you by choosing sea green, sky blue, coral or a sandy color.

  • Formal or Informal. You and your bride may choose an informal or formal style of dress. Some couples also opt to dress informally during their ceremony and dress up for the reception. If you plan to wear a suit for the ceremony, choose one in linen or cotton.

Look Dashing on Your Wedding Day

Beach Chic attire

Beach chic attire dress code can also be referred to as resort wear. Think of light weight linen or cotton blends shirts and pants. When a beach chic attire is required the organizers of the wedding or event are not inviting people to appear in shorts, Hawaiian shirts or any other attire you will wear on a picnic or very informal event.

Beach chic attire pretends to get a more formal look with island style colors and fabrics to complement the event or destination wedding.

Brides aren’t the only ones who’re concerned with how they look on their wedding day. We know that men want to look their best and make a lasting impression their spouse-to-be. Use this guide to help you choose the beach chic wedding attire that will bring out the best in you.

In addition to feeling comfortable on a warm day at the beach, your bride will be thrilled to walk down the aisle toward you as you await her, looking handsome, fashionable and ready to begin your new life together.


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