Celebrity Getaways & Travel Destinations

Forbes, Times, OK!, Hello and even Playboy – everyone pays attention to what the celebrities like, do and enjoy. As the summer holidays are approaching, the biggest question we all wonder about is: Where will the stars go on vacation? Here are some of the biggest, some of the most romantic and some of the most exciting celebrity getaways and travel destinations.

The Private Island


There is no place like home, or an own island. Many stars prefer to have a private getaway, so that they can enjoy a paparazzi-free vacation. No matter if it’s Johnny Depp’s Bahamas-based haven or music legend Celine Dion’s Ile Gagnon in Quebec, one such celebrity getaway is a dream come true for the ordinary person. Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy a moment in a similar place, it’s not Bora Bora you’re looking for. The Brando is located right next to Depp’s own island and it is open…for a price.

The Luxurious Villa

If you’ve got the moves like Jagger, then you probably wish to have his villa too? Located in the Caribbean, his twin villas are something even Depp would be jealous of and it’s not just because of the size! With a Japanese-style setting, six bedrooms and fully equipped with servants and a butler, the Stargrovers is worth its $22,000 per week rent. Others who share Jagger’s passion for luxurious travel destinations are US President Barack Obama (with a $75,000 per month villa in Honolulu) and Simon Cowell (with a mansion in the Bahamas).

Travelling is What Matters the Most

While some celebrities like to spend their finances on expensive villas and private islands around the world, others just like to be all over the world. The most famous example of this group is without a doubt the impeccable Mrs Pitt a.k.a. Angelina Jolie. From Hungary to South Africa to Japan – there is nothing that can stop this mother of six when it comes to having fun! Another famous traveller is her husband’s former wife Jennifer Aniston. One of her most detested facts about travelling a lot for work is that she must return another time. Otherwise she hasn’t got enough time to see everything.

So, they do love to travel and the destinations vary a lot. Owning a place in the Bahamas or one of the most expensive vineyards with a mansion in Paris… we can only gaze and envy the vacations these people experience! Not all of the stars, however, enjoy being alone and away from the world. Some like things crowded, want to be among the people and even sing some karaoke in the very Mecca of amateur singing. Which are the places our idols travel the most to when it comes to typical vacations, though?

Konnichiwa, minna-sama! Welcome to Japan!

Tokyo is the Japanese capital and it’s usually a top dreamt-of destination of many. Celebrities are also a part of the admirers of the unique Japanese culture. They are Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba and Katy Perry. With Tokyo’s fame for being the happiest place on earth, it’s no wonder some of the most colourful ladies of the industry love to spend their free time there. Not only is it full of exciting things to do, but also has an amazing society to top it all. From karaoke to clubbing to enjoying the odd and awkward events held in the Tokyo Tower – who would want to miss these conventions?

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

Croatia is a Slavic country with a lot of free-willed people who love to have fun, to spend their time with others, to sing and dance. It is no wonder this incredibly beautiful European country is one of the most preferred travel destinations for many celebrities including A-list’s Shakira, Catherine Zeta Jones, Oprah and rock star Bon Jovi. What is the top Croatian place to meet a real star? It’s without a doubt Dalmatia’s Dubrovnik. It’s no wonder this rather small city, with bright shores right next to the big ocean, is called ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’.
How much money is given is not what matters, though. It’s the know-how of the ones who travel the most that is important. When it comes to ski vacationing there are some hidden wonders in Europe you might want to try out. Bulgaria was a host for a number of ski competitions including the 2013 world cup. They were also in the running for the Winter Olympics. The natural getaways in Romania, on the other hand, are an unforgettable sight, Dracula or no Dracula.


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