Santiago – the Economic and Cultural Heart of Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile is the fifth largest city of South America that seems destined for growth. It is economic and cultural heart of country and people from all corners of world fly to Santiago to conduct business as the city is a major headquarter for many reputed companies. Dotted with magnificent museums, flourishing arts scene, booming café culture, cosmopolitan atmosphere, leafy exotic suburban parks, gourmet feasts, undoubtedly Santiago has infectious energy and seems destined for growth.

From financial district to the outlying residential areas, the city is one of the largest in South America and the center of commerce of country. The city rewards its patient travellers and offers them various attractive sites to explore and activities to enjoy. If you think of diverse dining, want to enjoy walks in lush green parklands, indulge in hiking and skiing on its outskirts and want to be a spectator of cultural scene of city which is slowly blossoming, then Santiago is undoubtedly a right destination for you. If you want to do something different on your holidays, or visit an exciting destination which is full of colonial mansions, hectic food markets, hoards of fanatic football fans then pack your bags and book affordable low price tickets to SCL from LON and enjoy a most memorable trip of your life.

While enjoying holidays in Santiago visitors can enjoy plenty of things, visit plenty of sights and can do unlimited activities.

Visit the Reserva Nacional Pan Azúcar

This is a beautiful place and it seems over here like the desert meets the sea. Locals believe that this is the most beautiful park in north of Chile. Here you can enjoy camping, hiking, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, bike riding etc.

Stargazing at Valle del Elqui

If you want to see wonders of nature and its creations then don’t miss a visit to Valle del Elqui which is a 5 hours north of Santiago and offers one of the most amazing star gazing experiences to its visitors. Here many big telescopes are located to watch twinkling stars. It is also a famous wine region of city. If you are here then don’t miss a visit to lovely city Pisco Elqui where you can enjoy plethora of activities like horse -riding, bike-riding, trekking or spend a night in your camp-site with vibrant locals.

Valle del Elqui

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Enjoy street art at Plaza de Armas

It is among the major attractions of city and is the main pedestrian plaza of city where visitors can enjoy tons of street entertainment. Street art is gorgeous, intelligent and everywhere. Enjoy the public dance performances on weekends. Check out the Cathedral of Santiago over here which is one of the biggest in Chile.

Enjoy panoramic views of city from Cerro San Cristóbal

It is an exclusive tourist site and offers the most alluring views of city that compares to the panorama at the top of this hill. Take a ride up in the funicular from Bellavista and make sure you reach it half an hour before the sunset so that you can capture stunning views of sunset and how the city looks when night falls over it. It will surely steal your heart.



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